Digital Citizenship

Daniels Run ES is A Common Sense Recognized School

Common Sense Recognized School

The digital environment at Daniels Run drives many parts of the instruction that goes on both inside and outside of the building. Digital citizenship is more than just an idea, it’s a way to prepare our students in a digital society. Digital citizenship is the appropriate, responsible use of technology both here at school and at home.  Our students use different learning environments like Google Applications for Education, Blackboard, Myon Books, The FCPS Library databases, and many many more.  It is important to us that students remember that a digital classroom is very much like a brick and mortar classroom in that there are procedures and practices that make the learning experience work for everyone. Daniels Run has successfully been a member of the Positivity Project for a number of years as well as diligent users of the Portrait of a Graduate skills and attributes.  We take time throughout each day to rehearse the qualities of a Portrait of a Graduate and well as the characteristics that embody a member of the Positivity Project.  Working within and pulling from the elements of these two programs gives us a very easy pathway to success with regard to good digital citizenship.  We hope that you will join us at home in encouraging the very best from our students with regard to their practices when in digital environments.  Our school wholeheartedly endorses the use of the principles behind the Positivity Project, Portrait of a Graduate and Digital Citizenship.


Digital Citizenship Presentation For Parents

Google Digital Citizenship