Innovation Space




Portrait of a Graduate Focus


  • I work together with my team to finish our work and clean our space.

  • I help my team persevere.

  • I use tools and materials safely.

  • When problems arise, I find help and solutions. 


  • I respectfully listen to the ideas of others and share my ideas.

  • I speak clearly for a reason and in a way that helps others understand me.

  • I use a blueprint to organize my thoughts and share my ideas.

 Creative and Critical Thinking

  • I use my imagination to think about new ideas.

  • I can revise and refine my ideas.

  • I can say why I think an idea is a good one.

  • I create through the designing and building process.


What is the Innovation Space Teacher’s role?

Curriculum Integration

  • The Innovation Space teacher is a resource to classroom teachers who want to integrate more Portrait of a Graduate skills into their grade level curriculum.

  • This can be through lesson planning support, project creation and implementation, PBL support and implementation, etc.

Innovation Space Program

  • Provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they engage in engineering and tinkering. It is a space for creativity, critical thinking, exploration, and collaboration.

  • Students will foster Portrait of a Graduate skills.

  • Each class has a scheduled lesson once a month or once a quarter.


Innovation Space