Physical Education

The health and physical education (PE) program at Daniels Run ES is designed to teach students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to live a healthy lifestyle as well as to demonstrate healthy and safe behaviors. Students learn a variety of physical, cognitive, and social skills to assist with the development of sustaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Students are also exposed to a variety of skill themes and movement concepts including cooperation activities, fitness, throwing and catching, educational gymnastics, dribbling with hands and feet, rhythmic activities, volleying, striking with implements, outdoor pursuits, and recreational activities. Another goal of the program is to foster confidence within the students that ultimately leads and encourages them to participate in and enjoy a variety of movement activities and sports.

In addition to physical skill instruction, students will acquire foundational knowledge pertaining to the effects of physical activity on the body, healthy fitness zones for wellness, a general understanding of nutrition and how to plan healthy meals, and basic knowledge of the cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular systems in our bodies.


At Daniels Run ES we place high value on developing positive character traits within our students. This includes a strong focus on team building, sportsmanship, kindness, and integrity. We strive to create a safe, welcoming, and constructive environment for ALL students to learn and explore.

Once a year students, teachers, parents, and staff come together and participate in Field Day to celebrate and engage in physical activity as a community. Here at Daniels Run, we see Field Day as an opportunity to highlight our physical education program while continuing to build relationships, communication, and problem solving amongst classes. Field Day allows students to engage in physical activity outside of the gymnasium and aligns with the goal of the PE program to promote and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all students.