School History

Daniels Run Elementary School was established on July 1, 2000, uniting the communities of Green Acres and Layton Hall elementary schools. Housed in the former Layton Hall building, Daniels Run opened in the midst of an extensive renovation. The renovation added additional classroom space, three new computer labs, an expanded cafeteria, a new gymnasium, a courtyard, and modernized the building’s appearance, blending the best of the old with the new. Our beautiful building was rededicated on May 19, 2001.  

What is the origin of the name Daniels Run?

Green Flag Award

In 2003, Daniels Run embarked on a school environmental project that has literally reshaped the landscape around our school. Our school grounds were gradually transformed into an outdoor classroom with several distinct natural habitats created to foster environmental literacy and resource conservation. In recognition of our outstanding environmental education program, Daniels Run was awarded an Eco-School USA Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation. Learn more about the award and our environmental education program.

Photograph of the Daniels Run Elementary School sign that faces Old Lee Highway. The sign is mounted in brick housing and reads Welcome to Daniels Run, we love reading at DRES. The cherry trees on the school grounds are in full bloom with white blossoms, obscuring the view of the front of the school building.

Innovation Space

In 2016, Daniels Run Elementary School launched “Innovation Space,” a classroom dedicated to bringing innovation to students. The space was created to offer every student in the school an enrichment program to become inventors, collaborators, and problem solvers. Students use everyday items such as cardboard rolls, Legos, pipe cleaners, and egg cartons to solve complex challenges, improve existing objects, or create entirely new products. The Innovation Space enrichment opportunity was made possible by support from the City of Fairfax.

A Look at Our Predecessors

Color photograph of the main entrance of Green Acres Elementary School from a 35 millimeter slide. The date the photograph was taken is unknown.
Green Acres Elementary School, Opened February 1962
 Black and white photograph of the front of Layton Hall Elementary School taken in 1956. One small tree graces the school grounds.
Layton Hall Elementary School, Opened September 1956