Eco Schools USA Green Flag Award

Green Flag Award School

Daniels Run was awarded Eco-Schools USA Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation. We earned the 300 points necessary in 7 different areas of criteria that focus on involving students and our community in environmental education through 10 different possible pathways. In previous years, we had achieved the Bronze award by fulfilling the requirements needed for the School Grounds pathway. Since then, Daniels Run has been working on the Energy pathway and the Consumption and Waste pathway, as well as continuing with our School Grounds initiatives. The Green Flag distinction needs renewal every two years.

Green Flag Award Criteria

Daniels Run has an extensive environmental education program, including the restoration of approximately 50% of school grounds back to the native plant and wildlife habitat, including a mini marsh, constructed wetland, restored wetland, sponge garden, bioretention area, and several additional ecosystems. Every school year, students participate in a minimum of one grade-specific project such as creating and maintaining red wiggler worm bins, planting bulbs, growing submerged aquatic vegetation, creating pollinator colored stones to line the schoolyard habitat walkways, raising American Shad, and determining the health of the Daniels Run stream by investigating benthic macroinvertebrates. In addition, all classes visit the vegetable garden in the fall and again in the spring to plant seeds, harvest crops, and learn all about plant parts, functions, pollination and additional life processes lessons. Our school-wide effort of recycling and composting has reduced the amount of waste by 4,790 lbs. since beginning the initiative's inception. The Daniels Run Eco-Action Team increased biodiversity in the schoolyard habitat by inaugurating the Daniels Run vernal pool, created by staff and volunteers, as well as by planting native trees along the Daniels Run stream. Students are using the schoolyard habitat for ecosystem investigations, milkweed observations, listening walks, investigating habitat needs, and searching for signs of weathering and erosion. The schoolyard habitat is also used for cross-curricular activities such as reading, writing, and math.

Our School Eco-Code

Daniels Run is making a green world, one day at a time, for today, tomorrow, and forever.

Giving Back

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Environmentally Friendly

Encouraging others to be more “GREEN”

Never Waste