Five Dragon Staff Members Recognized with an FCPS Cares!

June's FCPS Cares Region 5 Recipients

By Department of Human Resources
October 25, 2018

Congratulations to Laura Blahusch, Gina Byron, Beth Latzo Gijon, Carmen Issing, Anita McKenney on being recognized as the June FCPS Cares Recipients of the Month for Region 5 by the Department of Human Resources!

Below is the write up submitted by Ms. Stacy Greene, a colleague of the Daniels Run recipients

These ladies are Instructional Assistants in the Daniels Run kindergarten. Their work is important and essential to our school. Although their title is "Instructional Assistant", they are so much more. They are nurses, tending to minor cuts and injuries and to perceived (invisible) ones. They are therapists, listening to the trials and tribulations of their 5-6-year-old charges. They are entertainers, creating anticipation and excitement about whatever they are teaching. They are librarians searching for and tracking down missing books that could have been lost for months or minutes. They are custodians cleaning up physical items or whatever other mess happens to fly their way. They are servers, giving students preferred snacks and making sure those who may not have eaten breakfast are given something to tide them over. They are leaders, modeling, guiding by example and encouraging our youngest students to become successful independent learners. They are enforcers monitoring behavior and ensuring that a classroom is a safe place for everyone. They are flexible, cutting, prepping crafts, organizing daily and Thursday folders, reading to students, leading groups and doing whatever is asked of them. They are teachers. If the teacher they work with is out with no sub, in a meeting or testing, they take over, effortlessly, seamlessly, ensuring consistency is maintained and students are learning. These ladies show that FCPS cares and their consistent, compassionate presence enriches the lives of all the students whose lives they touch. Carmen, Beth, Laura, Gina, and Anita, never underestimate the importance of what you do and how much it is appreciated and valued. Thanks to the five of you and the kindergarten teachers you support, the DRES Kindergarten team ROCKS!