August 21, 2017

Hello Daniels Run Dragons!

We were amazed to observe the solar eclipse on August 21st. It made us wonder how scientist knew in advance how to predict that it was going to happen and where you could best view it and how to protect your eyes when you look at it and…

…well, isn’t there so much out there to be curious about in the world and universe?? We want to welcome each student and family back to a great school year! We are excited to learn and explore these and many more questions that are interesting to you this school year. We hope to make a positive difference for each other, for our school, and for our local community.

That’s why we have chosen a theme for this school year of “Be a Game Changer.” We want school to look, feel, and sound different as we move forward. Our students need to own their learning and be excited about coming to school to tackle meaningful problems that are relevant to them now. Not just preparing for some unknown future. To do that, they too need to join our staff in not just “playing school” the way it has always been played.

We look forward to partnering with parents and reimagining the school experience with each of you! See you soon!

Mrs. Hein, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Erbrecht