Daniels Run Birthday Treat Policy


We ask that families consider ways to celebrate student birthdays in a joyful manner while minimizing the impact on instructional time and creating a safe and equitable environment for all of our students.

There are a multitude of health issues that were taken into consideration.  First and foremost is educating students to make smart nutritional choices as we try to encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy weight.  There are also many students who are at risk when outside food is brought into the school environment.  These health risks impact many of our students who live daily with diabetes, food allergies (peanut, milk, etc.), and chronic illnesses such as Celiac disease, etc.  Some parents have even had to send alternative treats in to school in the past for their students to have when outside treats are sent in for students. 


To make the environment safe and comfortable for all students, while still allowing for a celebration of each child’s birthday, we ask families to adhere to donating a book, board game, or piece of recess equipment in their child’s honor or students may bring in ONE non-edible treat for each of their classmates, such as a pencil, bookmark or sticker (balloons, treat bags, etc., may not be sent in or distributed).


This treat-free policy does not apply to other special classroom parties and events.  As homeroom teachers and parents work together to plan other special classroom celebrations, we ask that everyone take into account the individual needs of students in the classroom.  In general, we hope we can work towards providing healthier options at all celebrations and events. 


**NOTE: Birthday invitations for parties outside of school cannot be distributed by students and/or teachers during the school day.