2 boxes of 24 crayons

1 dozen glue sticks

1 pack of #2 pencil - Sharpened

1 pair scissors (left handed if needed)

1 plain folder with pockets and prongs (no characters)

1 box of tissues

1 container of disinfecting wipes

1 bottle of liquid washable glue (girls)

1 pack of low odor dry erase markers (girls)

1 box of gallon size Ziplock bags - (girls)

1 pump bottle of hand sanitizer (boys)

1 box of quart size Ziplock bags – (boys)

1 box of markers (boys)

1 set of extra clothes (sweatpants, underwear, t-shirt, socks)

placed in a large LABELED Ziplock bag

**Please DO NOT label your child’s supplies